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 "Many players practice on the range or take regular lessons but taking those skills onto the golf course is a different story".
Let one of our LGi golf coaches take you on to the golf course and help!
Golf courses don't suffer fools gladly. You might be great on the range but if your game isn't up to scratch where it matters, the golf course has an unwavering knack of exposing every weakness, gobbling up precious shots in the process.
Fairways and greens are laden with traps to net the unsuspecting - subtle undulations, severe slopes, hanging lies for starters not to mention those old favourites, bunkers, lakes and rough.
On occasion it can seem there's trouble at every turn, lurking to pick out chinks in your golfing armour just when you least need it. But one means of gaining an upper hand is to unleash a LGi golf professional on your game with an on-course lesson.
Booking an on course lesson gives the pro the chance to analyse a player's all round game from tee to green. Spending this extra time with a LGi teaching professional also offers the golfer a unique opportunity to quiz the pro on all aspects of the game. 
A playing lesson also gives insight into course management - which side of the tee to tee up from, what clubs to take off the tee and why, learning how to assess potential trouble down the fairway or around the green, when to lay up and when to go for it, when best to attack the pin or play conservatively and a whole lot more questions which golfers have during any given round.
Teaming up with a LGi teaching pro also enables you to learn about the possibilities of fading or drawing the ball where they can explain which shape of shot best suits the hole being played, demonstrate how easy shot shaping can be plus explain why it is a necessary skill to learn for playing better golf.
Another valuable lesson to learn is the pre shot routine - an important part of the game that is seldom worked on despite the fact that improving it can help lower scores.
An on-course lesson offers the LGi golf coach a chance to analyse this area of the game and advise on simple methods on how to improve it and also explain why it is so important, especially under pressure!
On course lessons also enable the pro to give advice on the psychological side of the game - how to control your mind and body under pressure especially on the first tee or on the 18th hole with a good card in your hand.
Playing lessons are an ideal platform to work on the most important part of the game - the short game, from putting, chipping, pitching to the dreaded bunker and lob shots. How often do you see someone playing a lob shot when they're three feet off the green when a simple chip and run will be much more effective? This is a typical conversation the pro will have with the pupil whilst observing the all round short game in action on the course.
Finally out on the course, you can encounter, and learn how to deal with the many awkward lies that are the feature of any round of golf - from uphill or downhill lies, ball above/below the feet, to hitting from the rough and taking on the bare lie. 
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