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Jon Jones   -   07703 330599   -   jon@lamagolfinstitute.co.uk
Shane Sheehy   -   07791 577338  -   shane@lamagolfinstitute.co.uk 
Sean Herron   -   07565 628827   -   sean@lamagolfinstitute.co.uk

All golf professionals male or female who teach under the LGi banner must have completed a minimum of 3 years undertaking either the PGA or the WGTF certified training program. In addition LGi golf professionals must also undertake the 5-day LGi training program to totally understand the LGi approach to teaching all things golf.
All LGi golf professionals will also have to have a current 1st Aid certificate and have been CRB checked and passed by the local Government authorities.
All LGi golf professionals will be actively encouraged to partake in external training courses from bio-mechanics to NLP ran by either the PGA or WGTF to further their learning - This will increase the already high level of service delivered to all LGi clients.


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